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How to Checkout Equipment

All equipment is available for checkout at the Circulation Desk. Please view the list below to see what we have available. 
Please click here for Borrowing Information for equipment. 

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Equipment Available


Laptops and Tablets 

Macbook Pros: available for Semester checkout
Check Macbook Pros availability

laptop on wooden picnic table

Dell Windows: available for Semester checkout
Check Dell Windows availability

Dell Laptop

Chromebooks: available for Semester checkout
Check Dell Chromebooks availability
Check Samsung Chromebook availability

Dell Chromebook

iPads: available for (7) day checkouts
Check iPads availability

Pad Kit with apple pencil and key board: available for (7) day checkouts 
Check iPad Kit availability

iPad Mini 2: available for students taking a Photography Course
Check iPad Mini 2 availability

iPad tablet

Laptop and Tablet Accessories:

Cameras (Camcorders, GoPros, DSLRs, and Point and Shoots)

Canon (VIXIA HF R52) HD cameras w/ 32 GB internal Hard Drive: available for (7) day checkouts
Check Canon HD cameras availability
Canon HD camera product info

handheld camera on white

GoPro Hero 4 (Silver) w/ accessories available for (7) day checkouts
Check GoPro Hero 4 availability
GoPro Hero 4 product info

Go Pro camera

Canon (EOS Rebel T7i) DSLR camera kit (3 lenses + accessories): available for (7) day checkouts
Check Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR camera kit availability
Canon EOS Rebel product info

Canon EOS t7i DSLR

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark 2 Point and Shoot camera: available for (7) day checkouts
Check Canon PowerShot G7X Mark 2 Point and Shoot camera availability
Canon PowerShot product info

DJI: Ronin-SC Gimbal Stabilizer: available for (7) day checkouts
Check DJI ROnin SC availability
DJI Ronin SC product info
DJI: OM 4 SE Smartphone Gimbal available for (7) day checkouts
DJI OM 4 SE Smartphone Gimbal availability
DJI OM 4 SE  product info

Camera Accessories:


Audio Equipment (Headphones, Wireless Mics, Directional Mics, Lapel Mics, Computer Mics)


Headphones (available for 24 hours)
H390 USB Computer Headset availability
Stereo Jack Headphones availability

headphones in black and white on wooden surface

Audio Recorders (available for 7 day checkouts)

Zoom: Handy Recorder availability

H5 Audio Recorder product info
H1N Audio Recorder product info

Zoom H1 Recorder and Accessories
Wireless mic system  available for (7) day checkout
Check wireless mic system availability
Wireless mic product Info

Directional (shotgun) microphones available for (7) day checkout
Check Uni-Directional Shotgun Mono Mic availability
Directional Microphone product info

Check MKE 600 Shotgun Mic availability
MKE Shotgun mic product info

directional mic angled in black and white
Snowball Microphone USB available for (7) day checkout
Snowball Microphone USB availablility
Snowball Microphone USB product info
Podcast Kit available for (7) day checkout
Shure MV7 Podcast Kit availablility
Shure MV7 Podcast Kit product info
Lavalier microphone available for (7) day checkout 
Check Lavalier microphone availability
Lavalier microphone product info

Projectors (Projectors and Projector Screens)

Nebula: Mars II Pro: available for (3) day checkout
Check Nebula: Mars II Pro availability
Nebula: Mars II Pro product info

Portable Projector Stand (For Nebula: Mars II Pro)
Artlii: Energon 2available for (3) day checkouts
Check Artlii: Energon 2 availability
Artlii: Energon 2 product info
Epson Projector available for (3) day checkouts
Check Epson Projector availability
EX7210 Projector product info
VS345 Projector product info
Projector Screens available for (3) day checkouts
100 Inch Portable Projection Screen availability
80 Inch Portable Projection Screen availability


Ti-84 Graphing calculator available for (4) hours
Check Ti-84 Graphing calculator availability
Scientific calculators (TI-30X)available for (4) hours
Check Scientific calculators (TI-30X) availability
Financial calculators available for (4) hours
Check Financial calculators availability

Electronic Circuit Kits

myDAQ Circuit Prototyping available for (1) semester
Check myDAQ Circuit Prototyping availability
SparkFun inventor's kit Arduino v3.2available for (7) days
Check SparkFun inventor's kit Arduino v3.2 availability

Have a suggestion?

What do you like? What do you dislike? What would you like for us to have? Send us your feedback.

Feedback Form

Circulation Periods

  • 4 hour loan period for most smaller media equipment items (calculators, CD/DVD drives, card readers, and chargers)
  • 4 hour loan period for ALL Media Reserve items
  • 3 day loan period for media projectors and projector screen
  • 7 day loan period for most cameras, camcorders, audio mics, laptops, and tablets
  • 7 day loan period for cables and adapters
  • 30 days for all circulating media items (no renewals)
  • Semester Checkout Laptops

Renewal Policy for Media Equipment

  • No immediate (back-to-back) renewals for media equipment
  • Wait times for renewals:
    • 20 minutes for 2-4 hr loans
    • 1 hour for 24 hour loans
    • 1 day for 3-day and longer loans

Overdue Fines Amounts

  • Media materials (CDs, DVDs, Video cassettes):  $1.00 a day for each overdue item
  • Media reserves: $1.00 an hour for each overdue item
  • Media equipment (4 hour loans): $1.00 an hour for each overdue item
  • Media equipment (3 day loans): $15.00 a day for each overdue item
  • Media equipment (7 day loans): $15.00 a day for each overdue item

Additional Info

  • Media Reserves include media materials placed on reserve by faculty for use within Research Services
  • Listening and viewing equipment available for all formats in Research Services
  • (Currently N/A) Media Presentation Room accommodates up to 15 individuals for media presentation design and preparation in a group study environment
  • Assistance is available for retrieving materials from Circulation's Collection

Need Help?

For questions about equipment loan policies, or about picking up and returning equipment, contact the Circulation Desk by phone at (619) 594-6793 and via email at

For technical assistance with hardware or software, contact the Computing Hub by phone (619) 594-3189, via email at, and when available, through live chat. For operating hours, visit the Computing Hub page.

Contact Us

Circulation Contact

Location: Library Addition, 1st Floor
Phone: 619.594.6793

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