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The SDSU Library provides instruction to help our students navigate our information-rich world. Our instruction can be found in multiple formats. Be sure to check our Library Instruction webpage to learn more

Request General Information Literacy Instruction

SDSU Library's Information Literacy Instruction Rooms

The SDSU Library has two information literacy rooms located in the Library Addition (Dome) building. These rooms are used by the librarians to offer course-integrated information literacy instruction and additional workshops. Instructors can request library information literacy instruction in LA-76 or LA-78 for their classes.


  • Select the Library Information Literacy Room you would like to use for your class. Please be aware that each room has a different setup that facilitates instruction in different ways
  • Select the date and time you would like to request for your session. *Note: Instruction rooms must be requested at least 1 week in advance.
  • Typically, librarians teach for the entire scheduled class period (50 mins or 1 hr 20 mins). Be sure to select how much time you would like the room allocated for your class.
  • Complete the request form with the relevant information
  • A librarian send a confirmation email within 3 business days to finalize the details of your information literacy instruction request for your class

Note: This form is for information literacy instruction in the library. If you would like to discuss other possibilities, please email us at

More about General Information Literacy Instruction


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Information Literacy, Research Skills, Topic Development

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Request Specialized Library Instruction

SDSU Librarians offer specialized library instruction. These instruction sessions are intended for upper discipline courses such as courses in the upper 200s - 700s. Our General Library Instruction develops students' foundational research and information literacy skills. Our Specialized Library Instruction builds off what is taught earlier to helps students develop essential skills related to their discipline and other related areas.


Contact your Subject Librarian to get Started

Subject Librarians Instruction

Special Collections & University Archives

Simple "show-and-tell" sessions, and specialized SCUA sessions that incorporate course- or assignment-based resources and activities

Special Collections Instruction

Digital Humanities Center

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Digital Humanities Instruction

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Information Literacy Embedded to Hand-ons DIY Learning

Makerspace Instruction