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The purpose of the San Diego State University Library's promotional media is to promote awareness of and enhance access to Library services and resources. Promotions that do not connect to the Library’s resources, events, services, and announcements are restricted to limited areas and venues (described below in the “University-Related Advertising in the Library” section). Exceptions may be made for university-mandated communications.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Library on an event, please contact the librarian liaison that works with your College/Department/Office.

Library Advertising Guidelines

Some examples of media restricted to Library-related promotions are:

  • The Library’s various poster frames
  • The Library exhibit cases on the first floor of Library Addition, in the Donor Hall, and on the first floor of Love Library
  • The desktop screen and the screensavers of all Library computers
  • The Library’s website, newsletters, and blog posts
  • The Library's digital signage (with exceptions on a case-by-case basis)
  • Any print media (bookmarks, handouts, etc.) at the Library’s service desks
  • The Library public announcement system
  • Windows, walls, service desks, and other physical Library spaces (including group study rooms, classrooms, labs, etc.)

University-Related Advertising in the Library

The Library receives many requests from campus organizations, offices, and individuals to post advertising that does not directly connect to the Library’s services or resources. We have guidelines for these requests.

Print materials

Promotional flyers for university-related advertising (not connected to the Library’s services or resources) may be posted on a designated bulletin board on the 2nd floor of Library Addition near the entrance to the 24/7 Study area. Such flyers are limited to one and will be taken down after the date of the event they advertise.

Please note that individuals and/or groups are strictly forbidden from distributing commercial advertising literature on Library property, circulating or posting petitions, or soliciting funds for any purpose.

Digital signage

The screens mounted throughout the Library are used to advertise Library events, collections, and services. On a case-by-case basis, we may post items of broad interest to those on campus. Examples include digital signs about flu shots, registration deadlines, and Associated Student programs such as Aztecs Rock Hunger.