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DH Faculty Lightning Talks
Oct 25 2018 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Join DH@SDSU for an interdisciplinary panel of research lightning talks featuring new faculty members. 


Angel David Nieves, Associate Professor, History: "Mapping Queer Victims of Human Rights Violations in 1980s South Africa: Theories and Practice"
Danielle Bennett, Postdoctoral Fellow, Classics and Humanities: “The Use of Computational Photography to Examine Greek Vase-Painting”
Daniel Reinholz, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics: "Equity, analytics, and educational change: Introducing the EQUIP observation tool"
Sureshi M. Jayawardene, Assistant Professor, Africana Studies: "Enslaved African Labor in Colonial Military Expansion into Sri Lanka"
Chris Warren, Lecturer, Composition, Department of Music and Dance: "EchoThief"

Location: Digital Humanities Center (LA 61 - Bottom of the Library Dome)

DH Faculty Lightning Talks
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