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DH Showcase
May 8 2020 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

This year's Digital Humanities Showcase is postponed (date TBD), but we're still collecting project submissions to showcase in the near future!

The Digital Humanities Showcase is the celebratory exhibition of digital work at SDSU. The showcase is an informal digital poster session in which participants display and discuss their work, exhibit hybrid analog-digital pieces, and offer project demos. The DH Showcase displays the wide diversity of creative-critical digital work happening across our campus. Check out this interactive, 360 time lapse video of last year's DH Showcase. 

Digital Humanities projects related to scholarship and/or pedagogy are welcome. Projects may be stand-alone works, components of broader projects, works-in-progress still in draft form, or works created in previous semesters. They may be fully digital, or hybrid digital-analog.

Click here to submit your work to the showcase (through April 30).

Digital Humanities Center - LA 61 (Bottom of Library Dome)

This event is part of the Research and Development Track in the Digital Humanities Center. We provide opportunities for faculty and students to present their work as well as continue learning, develop research, and collaborate. For other tracks and events, visit our Events and Activities page.

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