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The Urrutia de Vergara Family Papers

indigenous drawing

A unique collection of Spanish colonial manuscripts from the Texcoco region of Mexico is now available for research in Special Collections!

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Searching Databases: Boolean Basics

venn diagram- circle and diagrams

Struggling to find articles in a library database?

Read on to find out how the words AND, OR, NOT, can help you research more effectively.

The Arkham House Collection of Jack W. Sword

The Arkham House Collection of Jack W. Sword

Special Collections was gifted recently a terrific collection of works from the publishing house of Arkham.


Torah scroll fragment

The Library recently received a very special collection of Jewish artifacts comprising over 100 items, most of them Torah scroll fragments ranging from 1200 AD to the present. 

Zines: A People's History of Sexuality


In New Orleans, a part-time bicycle courier by day and drag queen by night struggles to defend his femininity to the middle-school boys he mentors at a progressive charter school.

To and from the Aztecs in Service

Letter from Lionel Chase, 1942

Over four thousand letters from Aztecs during World War II are now available online at the Library’s Digital Collections website.

Annie's Letters

The Ann Elizabeth Moore Papers

Aztecs on "Hell's Last Acre" - the Battle for Iwo Jima

At this time seventy years ago – Feb 19 to March 26, 1945 – one of the bloodiest and deadliest battles of the Pacific war took place on the volcanic island of Iwo Jima (Sulfur Island).