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SDSU Google G Suite for students.

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Campus software licenses for students.

Technology Services

Website Hosting, Linux Shell Accounts

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Website Hosting

The SDSU Library hosts over 400 SDSU affiliated websites for colleges, schools, student organizations, and research projects.

Website Hosting

Linux Shell Accounts

Faculty may obtain Linux shell accounts for themselves and their students on the Edoras server that include common Linux applications, compilers, databases, and Apache web server.

Edoras Instructional Support

Print Services

Info on Poster Printing, such as how to pay, paper size, files we accept, file setup, and the printing process, and info on where to fax, copy or scan documents.

Print Services


SDSU Computer Lab Managers can find GoPrint support information and installation guides here.

GoPrint Help

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Location: Love Library 2nd Floor
Phone: 619.594.3189

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