Hopes for the Future

I hope the exhibition provides awareness to students from SDSU about the different activities of the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab. To be inclusive the exhibition is provided in Spanish and English language. I want to make sure that in order to ‘leave no one behind’ we first need to start with our own campuses coming together as one.

In the exhibition, I include statistics on the SDGs that are tailored to San Diego and Imperial County. It is important to acknowledge the differences and similarities that both areas have (urban and rural) when it comes to the US-Mexico international border’s social, environmental, and economic challenges and opportunities along our thriving borders.

Additionally, introduce the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab as SDSU's Official SDG Hub and develop awareness for students and faculty who are interested in joining the movement by developing practical SDG actions and partnerships with our current research activities.

Because no one should be left behind. I am currently working with UABC in finalizing an MOU between the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab and UABC (Mexico) to localize the SDGs. To make this exhibition inclusive I worked closely with the Instructional Technology Services team at SDSU to develop the exhibition virtually to make sure everyone is included and has the opportunity to attend. This November 2022 the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab participated and developed two side events at the COP 27 to advocate for climate change and youth in Egypt.

Gabriela Fernandez, Director, Metabolism of Cities Living Lab