Student Projects in the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab SDSU 4 SDGs “Leave No One Behind” Exhibition

The research projects highlighted in the exhibit have been completed by Master of Science in Big Data Analytics students and were developed in Fernandez' Smart Cities and Sustainability. Data Science Methods for Smart City Applications class. SDSU BDA students have also worked as researchers in the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab.

SDG Tracking Dashboard - Harmit Chima

Harmit Chima

Harmit Chima graduated from the M.S. Big Data Analytics program in December 2022, after receiving a bachelor's degree in Statistics with an emphasis in Actuarial Science from SDSU in 2020.

San Diego is a data-driven hub that supports tracking and monitoring the SDGs at a localized level. The dashboard tracks research to identify disadvantaged communities within San Diego County through the perspective of SDG goals, thus providing an outlet of information to inform the public and ensure "no one is left behind."

The LNOB movement is a commitment to ensure the 2030 SDGs benefit all persons, especially marginalized groups. However, disadvantaged populations are still getting left behind and not being advocated for globally.

LNOB indicators showcased in the tracking dashboard include the wage gap, pollution burden, affordable housing, concentration of neighborhood poverty, and energy burden. Researchers within the lab are tracking and visualizing the LNOB indicators at a local level to address the lack of attention the SDGs have applied to these issues within San Diego County.

I'm Home San Diego - Claire Merson

Claire Merson is a Master's of Big Data Analytics student and former MOC-LLAB researcher. Her background includes healthcare, mental health, non-profit, startups, grant writing, data analysis, project management, and advocacy. She is currently launching a telehealth counseling service with Magellan Health Providers as a Business Operations Analyst. Her interests lie in applying Big Data Analysis to combat San Diego's issue surrounding vulnerable populations' access to healthcare and resources.

Merson developed a dashboard and educational campaign advocating for people experiencing homelessness in downtown San Diego.

We All Count, City of El Cajon - Nasser Mohieddin

Nasser Mohieddin

Nasser Mohieddin is a master's student in the Big Data Analytics Program and MOC-LLAB researcher. He is interested in the application of Big Data to City design and Sustainability.

Refugees make for an important part of our community, and their success and integration can impact the country. The Middle Eastern population in the United States is misrepresented due to the current Census setup. This project was designed to raise awareness of the existence of refugees from the Middle East through a survey and push for modifications in the current U.S. Census.